How it Works

So, here’s what will happen for you:

Take part in a challenge with colleagues and increase your physical activity.

For one whole month, outdo yourself and help your team collect points. Answer the question of the day, and take part in the proposed missions (walking, running, cycling, etc.)

Beyond the performance, Objectif 10,000 is about creating new bonds with your colleagues, far from the printer and the coffee machine. A little jog or a walk at lunchtime; every single step counts. We promise we’ll do our best to keep you motivated to put your trainers on!

Once you’ve downloaded the app and entered the challenge code, you can get started.

There are two options, you can either create a team and invite your colleagues or join an existing team.

objectif 10'000

3-Step Process

Step 1

Download the app:

Step 2

From within the app,

  • Enter the code of the challenge
  • Create your account

Step 3

Create a team and invite your colleagues, or join an existing team.