Keeping your company healthy, in 10,000 steps

Objectif 10,000 is a programme to promote physical activity within the company.

The aim is to encourage all (or almost all) of your workforce to walk, cycle or run at work, during their commute or during their free time in order to collect points.

For one whole month, teams of five will challenge each other. A point system rewards steps, activities, individual missions, team missions and correct answers to quizzes.

The app allows users to objectively assess their level of daily physical activity using a built-in tool. This is an opportunity to take stock of one’s personal situation, to exchange ideas with colleagues and to reflect on the best ways to integrate more movement into one’s daily life.

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They trust us

Jimmy S.

Jimmy S.HR Manager

I recommend this action as much for the great atmosphere it creates, as for the sense of togetherness it brings. It is also a fun way to become aware of one’s daily sporting activity. Some employees who don’t think they are sporty actually realise that they do a lot of walking during the day without even noticing it.


Objectif 10,000 has made me more aware of my daily activity. It has allowed me to do more sport and to get closer to my colleagues in a way other than through work.


It was a great idea, it allowed me to meet colleagues working in different departments. We had many laughs, and we learned a lot from the experience. It was also very competitive and quite fun.


The Objectif 10,000 action has brought many benefits to our company. We have noticed a good atmosphere, more unity among the employees, in short, a good atmosphere. This action is now a part of our health and mobility policy and is included in our calendar.